Here is the list of raffle prize winners:

  • 1st: 1029 - Mr M Docherty, Cramlington
  • 2nd: 587 - Mrs J Matthews, Edmundbyers
  • 3rd: 164 - B Andriesson
  • 4th: 834 - Mr M Lonsdale, Ireshopeburn
  • 5th: 941 - Mrs J Rose
  • 6th: 446 - Mrs J Henderson, Westgate
  • 7th: 652 - Mr A Brindley
  • 8th: 215 - Name not known
  • 9th: 323 - Mrs J Spooner, Westgate
  • 10th: 217 - Mrs V White, Shildon
  • 11th: 479 - Mrs L Sherrington
  • 12th: 2590 - Mrs M Oxley, Rookhope
  • 13th: 1361 - Mr D Heatherington, Westgate
  • 14th: 2668 - Ms H Walker, West Yorkshire

What to Do on the Day

The show starts at 9 a.m., for more details please check the Schedule and the Visitor Info.

See & Do
Eat & Drink
Eat & Drink


Individual sections acknowledge their grateful support for sponsors for specific classes, but there are some larger organisations who make valuable contributions to the show as a whole, indeed without whom there would be no show:

Councillor Anita Savory

Hodgson & Angus

Horsey Hall

Old Stone Vets

Pennine Ways

The Weardale Practice

Weardale AAP

Weardale Estates Limited

Weardale Visitor Network

Many thanks to our sponsors!

If you wish to sponsor the show, please contact Mrs J. Hayes, tel: 01388 517572.


George F. White
Norman Simpson
Pennine Ways
Pennine Lodge
Simply Bathrooms